Thursday, December 1, 2011

hold onto the gratitude

today is the first day of picture the holidays through paper coterie. it was a challenge to get my photo taken and to find my gratitude. the morning consisted of my kids crying about various things me trying not to lose my mind. finally i stepped outside, way outside, to our bamboo forest at the back of our enormous yard. the silence filled my ears, and i realized it was a beautiful day! the sun was shining and it was so warm, especially for december first! i was flooded with gratitude. interestingly enough, my lens was not focusing. i don't use it very often and i don't know when it broke but i decided to take some blurry images, because of the symbolism. it's so easy to lose our focus during the holidays.
why were my kids screaming? partly because of the anticipation of christmas the desire to get presents, open those presents and play with them! oh the waiting! and they were unhappy because i was busy trying to get gifts ready for relatives who are in town.
for a moment i had peace as i sat on the floor of our "bamboo forest". for a moment, i felt grateful. then someone yelled for me to come inside (lol!!)
i included the bottom image because it provided a nice contrast, yet had a similar composition to the above image. there's the little one tugging on my leg, begging me to come inside. focus, mommy!

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  1. Wow, stunning image and great blog. Met you on Picture the Holidays.